When You Need Proof Of Insurance Quickly

As you wake up in the morning and make that first stretch to start your day, it sure feels good to know that your insurance needs are in good hands no matter what changes may occur. When you have an insurance broker as your go-to advisor for all your insurance requirements, you feel more at ease because you can get the advice you need right away.  And you get a personalized experience instead of working with numerous agents and waiting on the phone for hours. Your insurance broker will find the best coverage and rates based on your current lifestyle and future endeavors.

Instead of spending a long time searching, calling multiple insurance companies, and comparing rates, your broker will do this for you, especially when you need to show proof of insurance within so many days. Life changes, and your insurance, will too. Below we highlight various situations when you would need to show proof of insurance in a jiffy.

Auto Insurance 

If you are shopping around for a car over the weekend and find the vehicle you can’t leave without, it’s good to know a few factors about how car insurance works before you make that purchase. Typically you can use your current insurance that you have on your other car with your new car. With a new car, you will need to reevaluate your current coverage to make sure that it covers everything you need.  

Finding a new car is an exciting experience, but it’s vital to have the insurance information you need before making that purchase. Auto Insurance doesn’t take long to obtain. If you gather all the necessary information before finding a car, the process will be short. You will need specific documentation to get started, like your age, location, zip code, vehicle type, bank information, driver’s license, and social security number. Having your insurance needs figured out before you buy your new ride will make the process quicker, and you’ll be able to drive off with your new car the day it’s the one.

Health Insurance

Everyone needs health insurance. If you are in a transitional period and or waiting for open enrollment to get health insurance, this is an option for you if you need insurance quickly. We can review options for special enrollment periods if they apply to you. If you recently had a life change you may qualify for a health plan outside of open enrollment. 

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your greatest investment, your home. This type of insurance protects your home, personal belongings, attached structures, like your garage and deck, and detached structures, including a fence and your shed. Homeowners insurance pays for losses and damage to your property if something happens unexpectedly. 

When you have a mortgage, your lender wants to know that your property is protected. You will be required to show proof of homeowners insurance. The Alex Rue Crew will help you find the coverage that matches your home needs by shopping around and finding the best rates. We are here to help you eliminate the stress and worry, so you don’t have to search for insurance independently and get lost in the sea of paperwork.

We are here for you and to help with all of your insurance needs and answer your questions. Set up your free consultation today! 

Alex Rue