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Safe Driver

Based on your driving history, being a safe driver can help you save money.


Not only does paying up front save you money on late fees, it can even earn you a discount.


Having multiple cars on the same policy is another great way to keep things cheap.

Hybrid Vehicle

Having a greener car can earn you a discount on your car insurance!

Good Student

Students under 25 can get a discount if they have a 3.0 GPA or a B average or higher.

Driver Training

Usually reserved for those under 21, taking a driver training class can save you money.

Student Away at School

This is for families with a student away at school who won’t be using the car very much.

Home Ownership

If you’re a homeowner, you can get a discount, and potentially save even more by bundling!

Accident Prevention Course

This discount may be available to those who have taken an accident prevention course.

Anti-Theft Device

Having an anti-theft device such as alarms, tracking systems, or kill switches can save money.

AAA Member/Road Service

Being a AAA member or a member of another road service club can help you earn a discount.


Some professions are eligible for discounts, such as educators, scientists, or firefighters.

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