How Using An Independent Agent Will Help You Win!

We have all been there before, bombarded with ads and companies telling us they can save us money on our insurance and then getting quotes from each one and finally staring at endless insurance quotes for hours, trying to figure out which one is best. Shopping for insurance can be stressful and confusing because there are a plethora of policies each with their own benefits and limitations. Don’t you wish you had someone on your side, who knows how to speak insurance and how to weigh all the options to fit your needs? But who do you choose to have your back? An independent Insurance Agent or a Captive Agent?

An independent insurance agent differs greatly from a captive agent. How so? Well, an independent insurance agent is similar to a counselor or a personal shopper. They listen and evaluate your needs and concerns. Captive agents work for one company, which limits your options. Independent agents take the time to find the best insurance that you and your family need, and they are not restricted from one type of policy or company. And the best part, they will take the time to go over the policies and find the best price, so you are not alone in the dreaded process.

Reviewing all the different policies, filling out multiple applications, and researching is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. Here at Alex Rue, we make it easy and listen to you to help find the best insurance for you. We’ll break it down below to show you the benefits of why choosing an Independent Agent will help you win and get ahead in the game of insurance.

Save Time and Money

Going through one independent insurance agent saves you time because your agent is able to shop for all the best deals and customize a package for you. With an Independent Insurance Agent, you get a personal experience and receive the time you need to review and learn about the choices that you have. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs, including auto, home, health, life, truck, and business insurance. You have many options, and your independent insurance agent will take the time to explore your needs and find the best policy for you. With a licensed independent insurance agent, they do all the busy work for you and find the best rates.

They have your back

Independent insurance agents watch out for their clients due to having their best interests genuinely at heart. They are unbiased because they don’t work for a specific company. Independent agents have information on policies and rates at their fingertips, to compare different companies and prices all at once. 


They give you choices by representing many different types of insurance companies that offer a wide selection of coverage. Independent insurance agents give you more choices because they’ll find plans with the most coverage with the best prices. And you will save money by reviewing options for getting discounts including multi-policy discounts for bundling with one company or building a custom ala cart package


Independent Insurance agents represent the customers, not the companies. They assist with your claims, take care of your coverage needs, answer your questions, and help with no extra costs. You have a question or concern; they are there to help. That’s why our doors are always open! We’re just a phone call, email, or text away.


Independent agents work with you to determine your needs and to explain what the different policies are. They give advice, know you by name, and take the time to go over your options and concerns.

Do you wish for finding the right insurance policy for all your needs without the hassle? Your wish is granted! 

Alex Rue Insurance Agency is your local independent Insurance Agent, and we are here to help you with all your insurance needs.  Contact our team (the Rue Crew) today to see how you can save!

Alex Rue