Why Exactly Do I Need Car Insurance?

Obviously, we all know car insurance is important because it’s mandatory in California. However, 1 in 8 drivers in the U.S. choose to forgo insurance and with roughly 6 million car accidents happening each year, it’s critical to make sure you’re covered in the unfortunate event of an accident. There are numerous wonderful benefits to having car insurance, which is why the Rue Crew rounded up a list of some of our top reasons as to why you definitely need car insurance. 

You Can Get a Large Return From Your Investment

We get it. Paying your car insurance is not something you or your wallet look forward to. However, you should be looking at your car as an asset when you’re out on the road. According to the National Safety Council, the average cost of damage from a car accident was $9,300. That’s not even including disabling injuries that can result! Make sure to put in the smaller amounts now to reduce the amount you could potentially be paying out in the end. 

You Save Time and a LOT of Stress

With the right auto insurance, your agent’s got your back. You’ll be guided through the post-accident process and your insurance company will work with the other driver’s carrier as well. This helps to take all of that stressful pressure off of yourself during this disheartening time. While you can relax knowing you’re not alone in your claims process, your insurance can help you get your claim settled quickly and fairly.

Financial Protection From the Mistakes of Others

We get it. We’ve all almost been rear-ended by a distracted driver or side-swiped by a negligent neighbor on the road. You might be the best driver out there, but it’s important to ensure that you’re insured. Or else, another driver’s coverage might not cover yours or you might unfairly lose out in an insurance battle. Protect yourself from the unpredictability of other drivers and keep your car covered with proper uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, liability insurance, comprehensive and collision. Not sure what each of those is? That’s why you need a real-talk agent from the Rue Crew to help you through the process!

No Health Insurance? (Mostly) No Problem!

If you’ve been injured in the tragic event of a car accident, it’s important to know you’re covered in the event of an injury. Most insurers offer Bodily Injury Liability that protects against sustained injuries and any other damage you caused to the other driver. Auto insurance can cover accident-related injuries that medical insurance may not which will protect injured drivers and passengers under the unfortunate circumstances that you cause accidental injury in an accident. Optional medical payments coverage can help pay medical bills regardless of fault.

You’re Not Breaking the Law

No one wants to lose their driving privileges and pay hefty fines. You might be saving some extra money now without insurance or by cheapin’ out on your coverage, but it’ll catch up to you in the event that you inevitably get caught. To prevent a suspended license, just get auto insurance! It’s that simple. 

With the Rue Crew, you’ll get the best auto insurance that’s suited to your coverage needs and pricing options. If you have insurance, we’ll compare your current coverage side-by-side to ensure you’re getting the best possible option! If you don’t, no worries! We’ll walk you through the auto insurance process so you can feel confidentially covered on the road. Get your free quote today to see your savings for yourself!

Alex Rue