Hey Truckers! Do You Have General Liability Insurance?

You’re carrying auto liability insurance, and probably some cargo insurance. But do you know those won’t cover you on the loading dock or at a truck stop? Or if a customer falls on your premises? Or in a host of other incidences that can happen during the workday? Driving is the most time consuming activity in trucking, but certainly not the only one, and you need coverage for all areas of the job.

How Will General Liability Protect Me?

General liability insurance covers the types of activities you do when you are not driving the truck, but still doing work activities. These can include personal or property damages that have happened on the job, but not directly related to truck operation, like an incorrect delivery of products that resulted in damage.

Which Truckers Need General Liability Insurance?

Usually general liability insurance is needed for motor carriers and for-hire truckers. It is recommended for those who need to carry bodily injury, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury and medical payments. It would also include coverage for damage to premises you rent for a week or less.

How Truck Duck Can Provide The Best Rate

Truck Duck uses multiple carriers so we always find an excellent, competitive rate. We are happy to offer expert advice to make sure you have the correct level of coverage. We offer drivers the ability to add certificate holders any time, day or night, through our website. Truck Duck’s staff is very proficient at sending out your COI requests via text, email, fax or on our site so you can book your loads quickly. We are always available to give you a quote and update you on the latest savings available, please contact us.

Alex Rue