Tow & Dump Trucks Are Our Specialty

Truck Duck recognizes tow truck and dump truck drivers are more than just Class A and Class B operators, they are troubleshooters in the field, solving new ways to deliver the goods everyday. Your job often takes you off the beaten path and we know exactly all that is involved in your unique profession, having worked with drivers like you for many years. We understand the challenges you face, and how to insure you to avoid the pitfalls you may encounter with an inexperienced tow and dump truck insurer.

Get the Correct Coverage, Work With An Experienced Insurer

Truck Duck Insurance can keep drivers from being over or under insured, saving money up front, or when facing a claim that isn’t covered. We offer multiple carriers that will compete to get you the best policy for your dollar. We are also very efficient at getting drivers any certificates of insurance they would need, or access to their policy online 24/7. 

For dump truck drivers, you should know Truck Duck has you covered whatever your industry: construction, excavation, manufacturing or any other private industry. Looking beyond working exclusively in California? We are licensed to write coverage in eleven states, including Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Indiana. 

For tow truck drivers we can offer a variety of policies to fit the way you tow, from physical damage and liability insurance, to medical payment coverage. Should you need optional On-Hook Towing Insurance that will cover the repairs or replacement costs if a vehicle is damaged while towing, Truck Duck can assist. Damage under this insurance can include collision, theft, fire, explosion or vandalism. Another handy optional insurance tow truck drivers would benefit from is Garagekeeper Legal Liability Insurance, which provides coverage for any damages experienced by a vehicle in service while being stored or parked in a covered location.
We know you’ve been thinking you need a better policy and Truck Duck is always here to give you a great quote and check on the best available rates for your needs. Text, call or email, we are here to answer your questions.

Alex Rue