Resources For Truckers Navigating The COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 has shaken almost every industry and corner of the country. There aren’t too many people who’ve felt this more than truck drivers have in an industry charged with delivering crucial supplies. The last few months have been filled with extra shifts and balancing great overtime pay with long days. Rest stops have become a new challenge as you navigate safety precautions, finding open businesses, and changing regulations from state to state.

If you’re struggling to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the Truck Duck wants to help. We’ve pulled together a list of 4 great resources to help truckers keep on rollin’.

4 Links Of Great Resources For Truckers During COVID-19

Transit Employees Federal Credit Union

The Transit Employees Federal Credit Union has great banking resources to help you better manage your finances during the outbreak. Discover resources like:

  • ATM locations to visit in lieu of an in-person visit
  • Digital resources for your banking needs, including getting loans, depositing checks, setting travel notifications, etc. 
  • A video library with resources on using their digital tools
  • Advice on how to avoid COVID-related financial scams

The American Transit Association’s Resource Hub

The American Transit Association offers ongoing updates on recent events, including topical information like: 

  • An extension to the PPP loan
  • The partial closures of the country’s southern and northern borders
  • An FMCSA-issued waiver for certain regulations for interstate and intrastate commercial driver’s license and commercial learner’s permit holders

CDC Guidance For Long Haul Truckers

The CDC has issued guidelines to help protect yourself and slow the spread. These include: 

  • Stay home if you have symptoms
  • Limit time spent outside the cab at fueling, loading and unloading, and rest stops
  • Use paperless, electronic invoices when you can
  • Keep your truck well-ventilated and disinfect it when you can

Insurance With The Truck Duck

Finally, in times of turmoil, choose insurance coverage you can rely on. Truck Duck can work with you to get customized insurance coverage for your operation. This can include liability, workman’s comp, and commercial vehicle insurance.
To discuss the important role your commercial trucking business insurance plays in your business’s financial health, reach out to the Rue crew. We can help you maximize the value you get from your coverage. Ready to get started? Get a quote.

Alex Rue