Not Happy With Your Current Insurance? Try Our New Canopy App

If you are losing sleep because of high insurance rates and hard-to-navigate insurance info and claim submittals, it might be time to let go of your current insurance.

Why lose sleep when you can switch with us quickly. We are here to give you your sleep back, so you can get back on track.


The Canopy Connect app will save you time, money, and relieve the baggy eyes. You’ll look and feel better than ever with this new feature.

Check Out the Benefits!

If you’ve had a significant change in your life or are just ready to make a change to see how to save money, switching from your current insurance to a new one is easy as pie with the Canopy app. All you need to do is click on the link provided, follow the prompts, log into your current insurance company’s website. Voilà! Your details required to process a quick quote are sent to us directly with everything needed to proceed. Hassle-free and no wasted time. 

It can’t get easier than this! Read below for more Canopy-App benefits.

  • The Canopy-Connect is Safe and Secure
  • Insurance documents delivered instantly
  • Don’t have to worry about locating your dec page or VIN 
  • Eliminates the back and forth
  • You’ll save an enormous amount of time
  • You’ll receive a free quick quote from us within minutes
  • You’ll discover new rates and coverage for your specific needs
  • You’ll have peace of mind and be able to sleep at night
  • You’ll have an insurance crew ready to help you and answer your questions

Are you ready to check out the new feature and let go of your old insurance company? It’s time to get your sleep back. 

Get started on your quote now! 

Alex Rue