Do I Need Life Insurance? Get Your Questions Answered.

Life insurance can be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, but it’s an important subject to reflect on. Especially in times when you’re uncertain about your future or that of those you love, investing in life insurance can give you back a little peace of mind. 

If you’re thinking about life insurance options, the Rue crew can offer some advice so you know you’re marking an informed, beneficial decision. Discover the answers to your life insurance questions.

Do I need life insurance? Will COVID impact my life insurance policy? And other important FAQs. 

Q: Would I be covered by life insurance in the event that I pass due to COVID-19? 

A: This is a question on many people’s minds in recent months. It’s important to know that each policy is unique, and the best way to be certain is to get in touch with Alex Rue. That said, if your policy covers illness and your application was filled out correctly, then in many cases a COVID-related death will be covered.

Q: Can I get life insurance during the pandemic? 

A: Yes! Some policies will require a medical exam (but not all! More on that below.) and you will need to apply and be approved by your carrier. You can absolutely apply for life insurance during the coronavirus outbreak.

Q: Do I have to see a doctor?

The good news is, not always! While many policies will ask that you take a medical exam, if you’re concerned about going to see the doctor, your insurance team at Alex Rue can help you select a policy that doesn’t require an exam.

Q: Are premiums going up due to the pandemic? 

A: No, the pandemic itself won’t raise your premiums. That said, it’s important to know that if you personally contract an illness your premiums will most likely be impacted. We can get you approved now and lock in rates based on your current health status so rates won’t go up later.

Q: What would prevent me from getting life insurance? 

A: Requirements will vary from policy to policy, the best way to know for certain is to chat with an expert. Common requirements include: 

  • Age restrictions: While there is no minimum age for life insurance, many policies will cap coverage at 85 and older.
  • International travel plans: Some insurers will view international travel to certain regions as a risk, which can impact your life insurance application.

Q: Is there anything that would prevent my life insurance from covering my passing? 

A: The intention of life insurance is to make sure your family is well-cared for after you’re gone. As such, you want to make sure that you have everything in order now! Pay attention to ensure your application is accurate and complete, and that your premiums are paid, to make sure your life insurance is paid out without issue.

Q: Why should you update your policy in a crisis?

A: If you have accidental death coverage only rather than traditional life insurance, it most likely will not cover illness. In cases where your coverage is insufficient, updating it is wise, especially during a crisis.

Q: Are there additional charges to change my policy now? 

A: Depending on the changes you make to your life insurance, it may impact how much your premiums are. The best way to evaluate the pros and cons of making a change now is to set up a call with the Rue Crew. 

Life insurance is a complex and often uncomfortable topic, but it’s absolutely critical that you address it now. The right life insurance coverage today is an easy way to invest in your family’s future and look after them. If you’re wondering if you need life insurance in wake of COVID-19, and how to apply, reach out to the team at Alex Rue. Sign up for life insurance today.

Alex Rue