It’s Spooky Not Being Insured

Do you think the headless horseman had life insurance? Did the Ghostbusters carry auto insurance on the Ectomobile? Would any carrier offer health insurance to a werewolf or vampire? Of course not, these characters live in a fantasy world where life doesn’t meet reality, and the real world doesn’t exist. But average, day-to-day life does require practical solutions like insurance to keep us average folks safe and protected through the spookiest of seasons. Unless you have managed to grab a magical crystal ball from Amazon, you can just never know what to expect. 

There’s Been Many Tricks In 2020, But We Have A Few Treats For You!

It’s been quite a year, all would agree, but that doesn’t mean the changes brought about can’t make life easier when it comes to insurance. Alex Rue Insurance:

  • Works with clients over text, no need to find time for a call, just drop us a quick message
  • Works over email or phone as well of course, whatever is best for you
  • Can help you remotely, there is no need to come to the office 
  • Is not some call center with a phone tree, we are locals that know what residents of this area face and are in tune with what you need
  • Whether you’re a current client, a past client, or just have insurance questions, we are here to help. Your status as our customer doesn’t impact our service level.

Be Prepared For The Frightful Stuff, Get Insured

If anything, 2020 has taught us all to prepare for the unexpected and sometimes a bit spooky. Only a fortune teller would know what is coming next, but with auto, homeowners, life and renters insurance you can be ready to take on whatever life has in store. Ale Rue Insurance is easy to reach and happy to give quotes. Contact us today.

Alex Rue