Renters Insurance

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Protect Your Stuff

No one wants to think about it, but renters insurance is important. If you come home one day to find your apartment has been broken into, or a disaster has damaged your belongings, replacing everything can be a crippling cost. It’s important to remember that your landlord’s policy protects their stuff - not yours. Renters insurance is affordable, and there are plenty of opportunities to save even more below!

Renters Insurance

Affordable Renters
Insurance With Small-
Town Service

If you’re overwhelmed by getting the right coverage for your needs, Alex Rue can walk you through the process to see where you can save on your policy.

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Many carriers will give you a discount for bundling multiple policies, such as your Renters insurance and your Auto policy!

Safe Home

If your apartment or home is protected with certain safety devices, you can save money.


If you’re 55 and retired and aren’t seeking full-time employment, you can save on your insurance!

Anti-Theft Device

Having an anti-theft device such as alarms, tracking systems, or kill switches can save money.

AAA Member/Road Service

Being a AAA member or a member of another road service club can help you earn a discount.


Some professions are eligible for discounts, such as educators, scientists, or firefighters.

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