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It’s easy to forget how important a good car insurance plan is until you’re staring down at a twisted bumper and can’t get ahold of your agency, or your bill comes in and you can’t make the payment. You need car insurance with the right coverage for you, at the right monthly rate. It takes a savvy agent to be able to find the best carrier for the job, and to take advantage of the right discounts for you. Your free quote will evaluate all the options to make sure you’re getting the very best.

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Safe Driver

Based on your driving history, being a safe driver can help you save money.


Not only does paying up front save you money on late fees, it can even earn you a discount.


Having multiple cars on the same policy is another great way to keep things cheap.

Hybrid Vehicle

Having a greener car can earn you a discount on your car insurance!

Good Student

Students under 25 can get a discount if they have a 3.0 GPA or a B average or higher.

Driver Training

Usually reserved for those under 21, taking a driver training class can save you money.

Student Away at School

This is for families with a student away at school who won’t be using the car very much.

Home Ownership

If you’re a homeowner, you can get a discount, and potentially save even more by bundling!

Accident Prevention Course

This discount may be available to those who have taken an accident prevention course.

Anti-Theft Device

Having an anti-theft device such as alarms, tracking systems, or kill switches can save money.

AAA Member/Road Service

Being a AAA member or a member of another road service club can help you earn a discount.


Some professions are eligible for discounts, such as educators, scientists, or firefighters.

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