Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Is A Crucial Part Of Recruitment and Retention

Your goal is to build a healthy company, with a team of people dedicated to their jobs. A great benefits package is a crucial part of recruiting and retaining the kind of top performers that will drive your business forward. Great group health insurance should be the cornerstone of that package. Offering benefits can also earn your business some tax incentives and help protect those who might otherwise be uninsured. We will work with you to decide what type of coverage you need and will work to make sure you’re paying the best price possible.

Group Health Insurance

Get A Strong Group Health Insurance Plan

Alex Rue Insurance will walk you through the entire policy and make sure to look for as many discounts as possible.

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If you or your team has their commercial drivers license, you could qualify for a discount.

Bundle with Payroll

Get group benefits with our payroll service.


With a POP plan benefits can be pre-tax - saving employees and the employer payroll taxes.

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