Homeowners Insurance – Why More Options are Always better

You’ve heard all the commercials, all the characters, you know the dangers to your home. Homeowners insurance protects you from loss due to unpredicted disasters, theft, and accidents. If you finance your home, mortgage lenders will require you to have homeowners insurance before settling on the loan. Your home is not only most likely your biggest investment, but also a pretty important part of your life! Ensuring it’s cared for in the event of damages, big or small, is essential. 

Homeowners insurance is like a security blanket – you know that you’re covered in case of a fire, minor water damage, lightning strikes, windstorms, hail, all that “mayhem” we always hear about. But not all policies are created equal – most don’t cover all-natural disasters, like flooding and earthquakes. 

So what policy do you choose and what do you need for your home? This could be a daunting task – you may fall down a rabbit hole of googling and still not have all the answers. But that’s why choosing an independent agent can be the best option – we are here to help to make this as smooth a process as possible, with little-to-no stress or work on your end. (That’s what you have us for, after all!)

What does the process look like?

Before you start, be prepared to share information about your financial picture and assets, including cars, boats, your home, valuables, etc.  With a few quick answers, the team at Alex Rue Insurance has all they need to give you the best options. 

Alex Rue Insurance will help you figure out how much coverage you need and which provider gives you the best options. We are here to help with this process to simplify the decision making and help filter through the different levels of coverage and deductibles. Having a considerable amount of options will help you make an informed decision to decide on the best possible coverage for your specific needs. 

What coverage is best for you?

There are different types of homeowners insurance, and it’s best to look closely at what each carrier offers, such as dwelling coverage, liability, coverage for your personal belongings, medical payment coverage, replacement cost, earthquake insurance, flood insurance, and other structure coverage. Sometimes, an online checklist can’t answer your specific questions… That’s where our humans come in.

Do you have a swimming pool? What risks are associated with that? What does it change in your coverage needs? 

Can you make a claim if your backyard fence gets blown over from a windstorm? 

Does your homeowners’ insurance cover your solar system?

An experienced professional, like Alex Rue insurance, can help you wade through the waters of what is important and guide you through the process of choosing the right policy and provide you with the answers you need.

Contact our team to learn more about homeowners insurance and to find the right policy for your home. We are here for you!

Alex Rue