Getting an Insurance Quote Just Got Easier

Are you ready to say goodbye to your current insurance company but don’t have the time to make the change because of all the paperwork and information required to complete the transfer? 

The Rue Crew has a solution for you with the coolest insurance app ever!

Instead of spending hours gathering information required to submit a quote, we have a new platform that makes collecting insurance must-haves easy and seamless. With our new feature, you can effortlessly provide us with your current insurance details within minutes on a safe and secure platform.

Now, with our quick quote solution, you don’t need to remember your VIN or spend wasted time locating your dec page. Because let’s get real, who has time for all of that? And sometimes, paperwork is lost or unknown, which will take more and more time to find and figure out. That doesn’t sound like fun.

Instead of collecting information directly from you, your insurance information is uploaded by logging in to your existing insurance company. It’s smooth sailing from here. Just like that, your insurance information is delivered to our dashboard.  

Mic drop!

With this handy dandy app, we eliminate the hassle and stress. You’ll benefit immensely from this new process.

Here’s How:

  • The Canopy-Connect app is Instant and Secure
  • One-Click solution in providing information to us
  • You’ll save an enormous amount of time
  • Eliminates the back and forth
  • No long hours of searching and collecting information
  • Instant Insurance documents delivered instantly
  • You’ll receive a free quick quote from us within minutes

Ready to embark on a new insurance quote process?

Try It Out Now!

Alex Rue