This Is Not Your Grandma’s Insurance Agency

You’re listening to your favorite podcast Popcorn Finance, thinking about your new stock purchase in Tesla and relishing that you’ve finally got that job that has you putting good money in a 401k. You’re at the top of your game in your financial life, right? 

Not so fast, what about your insurance policies? You think insurance policies are only something older generations really need to think about, right? Not true, because not spending a few moments considering if your rental or homeowners insurance is current, or if you are overpaying for your auto policy is costing you money, money that you are working hard to manage elsewhere. No fear, the ability to check that you are covered and getting a fair shake is just a text away by contacting Alex Rue Insurance Agency. That’s right, we work like you do, so text or call, whatever works for you. Make no mistake, this is not your Grandma’s insurance agency. 

The World Has Changed And So Have We

Working with Alex Rue Insurance is designed to be painless, drop us a quick text or a call and we will show you how modern insurance relationships should work. No phone trees to a generic agent, no need to drive in during your busy day. We work around your schedule, remotely.

Let Us Be Your Personal Shopper

But don’t let our modern approach fool you, Alex Rue Insurance has been serving this area for a decade. This year marks our 10th anniversary offering an independent agency that gives us the freedom to shop you the best personal policy, so you get the benefit of the most competitive rate. Our program makes the carriers compete for you, and we do all the time-consuming leg work. This is the difference your grandparents would not have anticipated, working with an agent married to one carrier is best for the carrier, not the client. When we shop multiple carriers, you get the best offers, delivered in a custom package tailored to your insurance needs. Ten years of being an independent insurance agency has brought a milestone anniversary and a dedicated following of customers, we’d love to have you join us!

Alex Rue