Chuck Is Everywhere. We’re Just One Call Away!

Truck Duck provides protection for owner-operators and carriers to make serious gains on the long drives. Think of Chuck and call out to Truck Duck anytime you need. We’re quick on our feet and ready to assist. Whether delivering to your receivers means your route is interstate, intrastate or even across borders, we can help. Our coverage is here, there and everywhere! 

Teamwork On The Road

Commercial truck insurance needs to be easy to use once you’re in motion. Our team speedily delivers COIs requested by text, email, fax or through our website, so you can book the load and get back on the road. From Florida to New York, from California to Washington, we help drivers at every corner of the States and in between get COIs right away, wherever you may be. And because the clock doesn’t stop once the business day does, you can add certificate holders any time, day or night on our website. 

With just a phone call we can check on available savings and get you covered. We are pros in getting drivers same day commercial insurance, and even temporary insurance, if needed.  Our insurance carriers can cover you across the borders as well. If you can drive there, we can insure there! Best of all, Truck Duck can save you money, providing discounts for years in business, prior industry experience, length of DOT authority, prior insurance (commercial or personal), being claim free, insuring your personal auto and home with us, paying-in-full, autopay or years of driving experience and more. We even offer roadside assistance for truckers at a great rate, Chuck really is everywhere you are! We always work with multiple carriers to get you the best coverage possible. We can assist you with your requirements questions, shop the best rate, and have a quote back to you lightning fast. Our team loves to win and wants your business. Give us a call today!

Alex Rue