Commercial Auto Insurance

Keep Your Business Moving With Affordable Commercial Auto Insurance

From the moment you grab your coffee and jump in your car early Monday morning, your business depends on its vehicles. Delivery drivers are constantly in and out, people are running to and from meetings and visiting clients. A lot of factors play into your commercial auto insurance costs, especially your employees’ driving. We will work with you to evaluate your needs and get you a quote that puts you in charge of your coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Great Coverage With A Personal Touch

Alex Rue Insurance is your personal shopper for insurance. We compare all the biggest carriers to ensure you’re getting the best rates.

Several cars vans trucks parked in parking lot for rent or delivery


Commercial Driver’s License

If you or your team has their commercial drivers license, you could qualify for a discount.


Not only does paying up front save you money on late fees, it can even earn you a discount.


Bundling your general liability and other policies can save you a ton of money.

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