ELD and Dash Cam Discounts for Trucking Companies

Alex Rue Insurance and the Truck Duck have a special deal set up with KeepTruckin where you can get a discount for your ELD and Dash Cams.

KeepTruckin - Click here for a discount on KeepTruckin ELD and Dash Cams.


Dash Cams

Stop crashes before they happen
Keep crashes and insurance costs to a minimum with our AI Dashcam that accurately detects and helps correct unsafe behavior in real-time.

Protect your drivers, business, and reputation
The AI Dashcam captures what you can’t see coming. Use HD video evidence to protect innocent drivers and get your business off the hook from a potential nuclear verdict.

Get the most accurate and predictive dashcam on the market

  • Proprietary AI detection models
  • Industrial-grade battery and design
  • Industry-leading video and image quality up to 1440p resolution
  • Up to 104 hours of camera storage and best-in-class reliability
  • Live streaming option for remote training
  • Easy installation, no mechanic required
  • Road-facing or dual-facing dashcam options with a built-in Quick Capture button


ELD Compliance

Reduce HOS violations and time spent on compliance tasks by up to 50% with a proactive approach to risk management.


Please refer to the actual policy and/or endorsements for terms, conditions, coverage’s, limitations, exclusions and premium.

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