5 Ways To Save Money on Your California Auto Insurance

We are all looking for ways to save money these days. If you are looking to save on your California auto insurance, I’m here to help.

There are several things that affect how much you pay for insurance. Some you can control (like what car you drive), some you can’t (like how old you are).

1. The Car You Drive.

Insurance rates vary quite a bit based on what you are driving. Cars that cost more to fix are going to cost more to insure. If a car has a high theft rate, it’s going to be more expensive.

If you are in the market for a new car, find out how much the insurance is going to be ahead of time. Regardless of how cool your car is, if it’s costing you a fortune to insure you might regret it.

2. Where You Live

Different areas have different prices for insurance. If you move from Sacramento, CA to Roseville, CA your insurance prices will probably change. Depending on the company it could be in your favor or you could be paying more.

Areas with less traffic or less crime may have cheaper rates. But every company is different, that’s why it is important to get multiple quotes. An independent agent can do that for you in one call.

3. Your Driving Record

If you have tickets or accidents on your record you may have to pay more for insurance. Some companies may charge you exorbitant rates, or decline coverage all together.

You can save money by driving safer and trying to avoid accidents. If you do get a ticket, take traffic school if at all possible. If you take traffic school it will take the violation of your record and save you on your future insurance costs.

Most companies charge for accidents and violations for 3 years, but some may charge up to 5 years. A DUI usually stays on your record for 10 years.

If you already have a bad driving record, you have options. We all make mistakes and we should try to learn from them. In the meantime, talk to a good independent insurance agent to find the best rate. There are companies out there that specialize in insurance for people with bad driving records.

4. How Old You Are

Unfortunately, we can’t control how old we are. But, typically, as we age, we gain experience and become better drivers. So as we get older, we can get better rates on our insurance. So after a birthday, see if you can give yourself the present of better insurance rates.

5. Who your insurance agent is

Most insurance agents only represent one company. Even if they are looking out for your best interest, they are at the mercy of what their company wants to charge.

If you have a good independent insurance agent, they will compare rates for you. I shop rates with multiple companies not only when a new customer comes into my office, but also at every renewal. I like to make sure that my clients are still getting the best deal on their insurance. Things change, and I believe your insurance agent should change with you.

I hope these tips help you out on your quest to save money on your California auto insurance.

When you are ready, give me a call at (916) 572-9815, start your quote online at AlexRue.com or visit me at my office in Roseville, CA. I’ll compare rates from multiple companies and find you the best coverage at the lowest price.